Your team of elite instructors are AMAZING people, just like you! We encourage you to get to know them and share in their fitness journey, just as they will share in yours. We all want you to be successful and to go at your own pace and work toward your own goals. Whether you arrive early or stay late after your class, know that every instructor is friendly and always looking to help.

Meet Amy!

Teaching Length: I have been teaching for 6 years.

What made you teach: I started playing basketball in the fourth grade and have been actively involved in some sort of physical activity ever since. I was fortunate enough to coach at the collegiate level and that fired my passion to share my enthusiam and energy with others of the same interest.

Favorite Class: My favorite class is Step it Up! and Lift. Step classes are not that common anymore so it is a total BLAST to bring it back to the fitness floor. It adds a level of difficulty to your workout without losing any of the fun!  I truly love Lift because I can see both myself and my members getting stronger everyday. There is no better reward for any instructor than that.

Goals: For everyone who walks into ALL OUT FITNESS to feel welcome and to have as much fun as I am having!

Meet Bibiana Nicosia!

Teaching Length:

What made you teach: 

Favorite Class:

Goals: To live a happy and healthy life.

Meet Mandy Yocom!

Teaching Length:

What made you teach: Fitness creates passion, confidence, and a sense of community. It is my passion to encourage, inspire, and empower others. There is a bond created when we all step into a room and sweat together, move our bodies together and push ourselves together. From that, a beautiful community is formed where we can inspire each other, lean on each other, and empower each other.

Favorite Class: ZUMBA!!!

Goals: Encourage you to be yourself and LOVE yourself. To make everyone in the classes happy, energized, confident, and ready to take on their lives.

Meet Nicole King!

Teaching Length: I have been teaching Zumba for 11 years.

What made you teach: I started teaching after postpartum depression. The classes brought me happiness.

Favorite Class: My favorite class is Zumba, because the music is amazing and I love to dance with other people. It is something I can do all day everyday.

Goals: My goal is to grow a strong sense of community, help the studio grow.

Meet Licha Castillo!


Teaching Length:

What made you teach: 

Favorite Class:


Meet Alma Cuevas!

Teaching Length: I’ve been teaching various classes for 6 years

What made you teach: After my first class as a student I was hooked. I loved the group atmosphere so much more than what I was doing alone at the gym. I became an instructor to share my passion, help others reach their fitness goals and make exercise fun for everyone.

Favorite Class: My favorite class is Strong by Zumba. It is so different, the high intensity interval training is such a great challenge and class.

Goals: My goal is to be a student as much as a teacher and help everyone reach their goals. To stay fit and make it fun.